One-Line Bio

"No one here is exactly what he appears." G'Kar, Babylon 5


This blog represents some of the EventHorizon1984 "Trials and Tribblevialations" found in the online experience.

Established 2 June 2006.



Q - Why hasn't my comment been published?
A - As of 2010, we rarely publish comments. The volume of the comments exceeds our article content. We do read them though.

Q - Do you take article suggestions or news tips?
A - We do. Articles have been written based on reader (unpublished) comments.

Q - Why are you writing fewer articles?
A - Collectively, we're spending more time in recreational pursuits, and other serious matters. Leaving less time for research. We will try to publish monthly.

Q - Can I copy your entire article and publish it elsewhere?
A - No. But feel free to link to the article.

Q - I have this deal for you ...
A - No thank you.

Q - What is your profile photo?
A - That is a photo of Neil Armstrong parachuting to Earth, 6 May 1968, after ejecting from the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV). The LLRV is burning in the background.